Skits gonna be a Hit!

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to share this with Jennifer and Jason first but I am just too excited to keep it under wraps any longer!

But first, some background …  The first time Jason attended our church with us I believe it was Christmas Eve ( or maybe Easter?). Well anyway, our pastors performed a darling vignette complete with barking dogs and wandering sheep  (Pastor John was the dog; Pastor Sherrie, the sheep).  Jason was completely impressed by this performance, so much so that he often comments on all the performances he has seen thus far and wonders what he will see on his next visit to our church.  Well folks, everyone knows I can’t keep a secret and this one is too good to keep a lid on so I have a little surprise.   I guess my years of Sunday School teaching, youth chaperoning, and council service are really going to pay off.  The pastors have really gone out of their way to plan something special for my daughter’s (and Jason’s) wedding.  In appreciation for the scientific research they do, the pastors have put together one awesome wedding skit that is certain to touch a nerve with these two.  See below for some pictures I snapped at their dress rehearsal:



Pastor Sherrie performs as the often confused and perplexed assistant.

What recipe for marital success is Dr. Albert Von Horner-Iblerstein concocting?


I think the message here is “finding balance in your lives together”.  Or maybe simply the “Sink or Swim” theory…


Regardless, this is sure to be one awesome show on October 4th!

 Anybody else want to weigh in on the possible wedding sermon for Jennifer & Jason?


3 responses to “Skits gonna be a Hit!

  1. It looks as if they are using David Lettermans bit,
    ” Will it float? ” Not that it matters, nobody watched Letterman anymore.

  2. BOY oh BOY!!!!!
    I certainly cannot wait!
    I like the little sign on the table in the last picture… Jason… Jen read on!

  3. This looks like its gonna be AWSOME! Maybe the little kids won’t be so bored now sitting through a service!

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