and Stat’s That!

Whew, my business statistics class is done. And yeah, my brain still works but apparently my processing speed and storage capacity is quite a byte less than the 20 year olds in the class as I was the second to last one finished with the exam!  I learned all sorts of new terms and symbols that I will never use again like:

Symbol                                   Statistics                                             Real Life

μ (“mu”)              the mean of a population parameter             What a cat says

α (alpha)                  the level of significance                            Dominant Dog

σ (sigma)                     standard deviation                             maker of faucets

Χ (chi)                     Chi square distribution                  Chinese for life energy

β (beta)                   symbol for Type II error                  defunct taping format

Σ (sumation)                     “sum of”                                             sideways “M”    

√                                    square root                               means “that’s done”


Isn’t it interesting that one X means “life energy” and XXX denotes moonshine (or porno),  and XOXO means kisses and hugs?

Sorry – There is just no way to be clever after a statistics class!

To fully understand why I even bother taking these classes, watch for upcoming excerpts on aging and the brain!


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