Comet-y and Tragedy

OK, corny title but it kinda fits.

Last week Trevor and I dogsat Ben, my sister & brother-in-law’s 10 yr old black Lab.  The poor old guy is on medication for arthritis and has all sorts of bumpy growths over his body but he still patiently waits near you for a pat on the head or a treat now and then.  Of course, Comet (Comedy is Robby’s new name for the dog and it fits because we look like fools trying to get him to come inside when he escapes!) wanted to play. All the time. Every second. Ben tolerated it, tried to hobble away when he was sick of it but the poor guy couldn’t move fast enough.  We finally had to tie Comet up outside to give Ben a break.  I am hoping that Comet will some day grow into the mild mannered dog that Ben is. Minus the giant dog tongue kisses and drool and really long paw nails!  Here are some pics of patient ol’ Ben:







Sorry Mom, looks like my blog is all about dogs too!

Here are some pictures of Comet with Copper last weekend.  They were the Grad day’s entertainment…








It’s a dog’s life, isn’t it!







Canine Dentistry!  







 Twister Anyone?


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  1. get rocky out of that tics me of.

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