Pomp and Circumstances

Another week done, another child graduated. Whew! It has been a really busy week here at the the Perry household!

Last weekend the garage was cleaned out and the wool rugs hosed down in the driveway  (a puppy in the house can really wreak havoc on the flooring). Carol spent much of the weekend finishing her reading for statistics, catching up on laundry and installing flowers along the front walkway. In fact, we accomplished so much, I decided to check out Steins Garden Center one more time for any good deals which meant Tuesday afternoon involved even more digging and planting as eight more bushes and eight more perennials were added to the landscape. Soon, our house will be completely camouflaged.

 Wednesday was Rob’s last day of high school which meant that this would be the view greeting me in the kitchen each day:  (or so he thinks…) 

Robby\'s first day after high school

He thinks this is his only Call of Duty this summer! 

Thursday was spent washing and polishing the wood floors at home (see above puppy reference) and getting ready for Movie Night at our house for my book club. We ate popcorn (from the POB and all the ladies said it was better than movie theater popcorn! BTW: We have the best popcorn and hot dogs!) and watched The Ultimate Gift.  I highly recommend it; I don’t understand why it was in movie theaters such a short time; probably because it actually had moral messages imbedded in the plot. www.theultimategift.com


Friday, Jennifer came down for the weekend to work on wedding things and see if Robby graduated. Friday night we made our poor Jennifer some steak because she never eats red meat anymore and then we spent the evening on dueling computers, checking out floral arrangements, shoes, etc. to prepare for the weekend’s shopping.  Bright and early at 8am Saturday we met with the florist, then off to find some matching ribbon since the colors are settled (we think).  Then back to try on dresses with some bridesmaids and then off again to look at shoes and veils and apothecary jars and items for baskets and for the book by the photobooth, etc over the next two days.  It feels like we accomplished so much but there is always more to do. Check out some pics of Jen and Ashley shopping together:

It’s so lacy…maybe I could just use mom’s tablecloth?

I bet this could double as a coffee filter!

Vintage Bling!

Finding Vintage Bling in the Great-Grandmothers’ jewelry! 

Of course all these projects were performed around attending graduation parties for the children of some dear friends of ours and the tornado warnings, hail, wind and “100 Year Flood”.  We currently have to head west and circle around to get anywhere.  I am so very thankful our basement has remained dry!    



 Trapped to the south:

to the south

 Trapped to the north:

to the north

Trapped to the east:

to the east


The D Nile River

Of course, the highlight of the weekend was my little Robbio (dute, dute, dute) graduating from Brookfield Central High School (but at Elmbrook Church?!?). What can I say? Three down and one to go!  I guess it really didn’t hit me until shortly before when I was ironing his graduation gown. It took so long to get it ironed and I had to keep sliding it from left to right to iron each section.  It was then that I realized just how big he was!  All grown up and acting like he doesn’t need his Mommy anymore (except to iron).  I refuse to think about it, I am in denial and I am going to float on that river until September.

movin\' on up

His time has come!   


What do Robby’s siblings think of his graduation?


Hey Moe and Curly! Where\'s Larry?







Hey Moe & Curly!  Where’s Larry?


2 responses to “Pomp and Circumstances

  1. I know how to have the house not feel so empty come September……………Have another child!!!
    You could have at least one child in 3 different decades!!

  2. theperryfamily

    @ Unk B — Um, NO!

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