σ√∑ƒ(Χ-μ)²/n-1!  And no, I am not swearing at you, just myself. What the h-e double toothpicks was I thinking when I signed up for a Business Statistics and Economics class at good ol’ U-dubdub?  That is actually one of about 12 formulas (Greek letters included) we learned tonight and it is only my second class.  My brain hurts!  Guess what the formula is for?  Answer: the mean standard deviation (used for inductive inferences). Mean-yes, deviant-definitely (going to school at my age) but I really bristle at  “standard”.  I refuse to be standard, ask my kids…



2 responses to “σ√∑ƒ(Χ-μ)²/n-1

  1. U-dubdub! You and Robby will be classmates!!!!

  2. Is this blog your way of telling us you don’t want to get together at holidays and catch up on whats going on in our lives?
    Or does it mean we don’t have to listen to you because we’ve read your blog………..Cool, more time for us.
    Take Care!!

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