Mary, Mary, quite Contrary…

How does my garden grow?  Check back in a few months to see.  All I know is it better look darn good after all the time put into it this weekend and earlier.  My delightful husband, son Rob and myself have removed the old clay dirt from some planting beds, replaced with good soil, planted flowers and a few perennials, spread mulch, installed cobblestone borders and weeded.  I must say after 10 years, the plants are starting to fill in nicely!  Comet contributed by digging a few holes of his own  (mostly to escape from the fenced in pool area).  Robby cleaned the lounge chairs and the hot tub water has been changed. We are almost ready for summer!

That’s eucalyptus in the middle

New white cobblestone edge

This should fill in with daisy type flowers

I also managed to put together Robby’s graduation invitations and friday night took Trevor and a friend to see Prince Caspian (B- on my scale).  Of course, the house now needs a major overhall to get back into respectable shape so it is inside work for the next few days. That’s ok since the weather is predicted to be in the 40s tomorrow!  Brrr!

We finished Memorial Day weekend with a trip to the lake to pick up Trevor from his weekend with Grandpa and Grandma and to celebrate Grandpa’s 77th birthday.  The boys had the chance to do a little dock work while we were there; while Grandpa made sure it was done right!

Grandpa makes sure it’s done right!

On another nursery rhyme note: Deedle Deedle Dumpling my son John, went to bed with his stockings on. One shoe off and one shoe on… Why does he only have one shoe?  Because Comet has systematically destroyed all the others.  He has currently ruined two pairs of Trevor’s shoes and four pairs of mine to date as well as putting chew marks in two sets of pumps.  Talk about a shoe fetish!   Strangely, he does not show any interest in Rob’s or Robby’s shoes.  Why? Too heavy? Too smelly?  Anyway, he sure enjoyed Copper’s company at the lake today!  Just look at that tail action!




2 responses to “Mary, Mary, quite Contrary…

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  2. I love the cobblestones. Where did you get them?
    I want to steal your idea for our flower beds.

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