Don’t pull my plug!

Did you see the news today? A woman with no brain waves for 17 minutes comes back to life!

How is this possible? I thought the definition of “Dead” was “no brain activity”.  Apparently she was still on life support only because the family hadn’t made a decision regarding organ donation.  And that is why my driver’s license does not say “organ donor” on it.  I wanted my family to be consulted first. So family, before harvesting any of my innards, please make sure my brain was on STOP and not PAUSE.  Give me a few good hours of inactivity at least. 

I guess this means I have to be nicer or you won’t want to pay the extra day at the hospital to make sure the circuits are fried and not just temporarily overloaded. Can you imagine how some families must feel hearing this and thinking they may have pulled the plug too soon? Too scary…



2 responses to “Don’t pull my plug!

  1. Interesting, but I’m not really sure about yahoo news’ credibility. Just keep in mind that there’s a difference between “no brain waves” (like in this case) and “no brain matter” (like in the Terry Schaivo case). But I don’t have my organ donor sticker either… even if I wouldn’t mind sharing a lung or two.

    Also, that thing that I want to get is SO MUCH DIFFERENT THAN STAMPS IN SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS, I can’t even believe you would compare the two…

    And check your email, I totally responded to you. At one of your addresses… you just have too many email addresses for me to keep up with.

    Love you! 🙂

  2. Ok so thier is more “personal stuff” here…. you really ought to define “Pause” as this could be many times durring the day… like last night when I was talking for about 10 minutes and you turned and asked if I said something (remember Trev AND Rob recited everything I said?).

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