Dirty Laundry

Who says you shouldn’t air your dirty laundry in public? I’ve watched (and read) while my eldest has done it for two years on her blog and what does she have to show for it?  A great journal of all her activities, travels, travails, etc, and an easy way to let her parents know she is still alive without having to talk to us every day!  And oh, the great advice she receives in the Comments section!

I’m mostly interested in developing a nifty diary without the handwriting cramps so if I do not choose to share with you, please don’t be offended  (‘course you won’t know about it, will you?)  We’ll see how well this goes, it may just fall to the wayside like Breakpoint Brewery (you know who you are…) Don\'t mess with me; I\'ve had a hard day!

This week’s excitement started with Trevor’s trip to the allergist to find out why his eyes looked like puffy marshmallows just before our spring trip. It turns out he is allergic to lobster, pecans and penicillin (so far). The doctor said there could be more items he is allergic to so just in case, we now have Epi-pens in every car, my purse, at school, etc. to be prepared for the extremely small risk that he may have an acute reaction involving difficulty breathing! If you know Trevor, you can just imagine how many questions arose after the doctor explained this!  Two hours later we finally left his office.

Could this early exposure be the cause?

 Trevor love lobsters; live ones!

At least I won\'t have to wear this stupid bib anymore!

This is the last time you will see me in this stupid bib!


3 responses to “Dirty Laundry

  1. You know what dad always says, “foolish names and foolish faces are often found in public places.”

    I say, “screw it, everyone is on the web.”

    Also, once you get a collection of adventures, they can be easily turned into a real book using:

  2. WOW! (I say it louder!) something actually sunk in.
    Hey thanks dear, for letting me know you were doing this stupid stuff (yep I actually found out in a random Yahoo search… so much for nobody finding this junk!)
    P.S. ROB, big dog, boss man not Rob SR.

  3. Could possibly be a genetic component to the fact that 2 grandchildren are now blessed with lobster/shrimp/whatever else allergies, but I prefer to blame it on Doug’s side of the family. Look on the bright side, chicken tenders are MUCH cheaper than lobster. And if they sit next to each other at dinner, maybe Trevor and Little J won’t look so weird after all.

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